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design process FAQ

1) How do we begin?

We start with you getting in contact with us and telling us a little bit about your project. Next we will ask you some follow up questions and provide a quote. Pretty simple really


2) How much will this cost?

This depends on the project. No two projects are the same and design is not like going to a store and picking something off the shelf.

First we're going to ask some very specific questions about what you need.

a. What is your project?

b. When do you need your project completed?

c. Will the decision maker for you company be available throughout the entire process for approvals? 

d. What is your project budget?

Yes, I know.. that last question right? How much is your project budget? You don't need an exact number, just a rough number to get things started. The reason we ask is so that we can create a quote or price structure that works with your business size and budget. If you can spend more on your project we can present you with a more comprehensive design package more concept sketches and ultimately more revisions and time spent on your project. In the case of custom artwork, provide the licensing and usage rights that work best for you. We are not going to simply say...Great these guys can spend $10,000, lets just charge them $10,000 and use the entire projected budget. Knowing a project budget allows us to know how much time we can ultimately allocate to each customers projects and create a custom solution for each individual client.  

We would rather keep you coming back to us for all your design needs over time. We do not simply view customers as a one time source of revenue.


3) Now that we have finished, what are my artwork / logo ownership rights?

Ultimately this comes down to project budgets. Typically with our logo design pricing we take into account that you will need unlimited rights to use the logo wherever and whenever you chose, for as long as you are using the logo. Logo pricing is based on a full buyout and unlimited usage.

Custom artwork usage rights can vary according to budget and project requirements from limited usage to full buyout if needed. Individual needs will vary so make sure to get in touch if you have any specific questions.


4) Do you charge a project cancellation fee?

Yes. Typically 1/4 (25%) of the TOTAL project price if canceled after contract signature IN ADDITION TO the required 50% project deposit.

We charge these fees to cover time spent on research, exploration and design time on the draft items. 

You expect to be paid by your employer for time you've put in, right? It's no different for us.

Please take into account that even though your project or plans may have changed, we have still spent time working on your project and we have families, pets and rent too. 


5) Do you charge an hourly rate?

Yes, but prefer not to. For most projects we would rather set up pricing to cover a project as a whole and leave any hourly pricing to project over runs such as extra revisions or changes out of scope with the original project.


6) I need Neon Ultra or a designer/consultant to sign a confidentially agreement. Will you do that?

Yes, no problem. We will also not feature projects in our portfolio if required (see #3 licensing and ownership). Please let us know BEFORE quoting if you require an "NDA or Work for Hire agreement"

6) Or company needs frequent design work but we're not ready to hire someone full time.  Are you availabe?

Yes. We're available on a contract monthly retainer basis. We provide you with a design value bundle and you average your costs over the course of the year. The perfect solution!

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