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Creepto Academy NFT Launch

NFT's are everywhere and the resale market is the place to make some serious returns. Not for me, but for you.

I'm starting a new series of alternative fine pixel art NFT's on Mintable

If you're feeling generous or want to dip your feet into the cool waters of NFT resale, check out the links below for the latest items.

The plan is to be launching 4 new NFT's a week, every 2 weeks until all 12 characters are released.

Here's the info.

Only 1 of each numbered character will be sold. Each "character" has 4 variations, however, each design is 1 of 1.

All ETH based NFT's come WITH COPYRIGHT (yep),

Each NFT is fully re-sellable.

The first character - Evil Octo is available starting Aug. 31 2021.

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